Welcome to The Moorings

Property Owners Association



The Moorings Property Owners Association(MPOA) is a voluntary homeowners association located within the city of Naples, Florida.


Members of the association are residential homeowners in the neighborhood "The Moorings" which is approximately 730 acres excluding lakes and waterways and extends from Binnacle Dr. on the north, to just south of Spring Line Dr., and from the Gulf of Mexico on the west to US 41 on the east.  There are approx. 875 single family homes, and 82 condo buildings totaling over 4,000 residential units.


The purpose of the association includes:

  • the ownership, operation and maintenance of one or more parks
  • the construction, maintenance and operation of any recreational facilities for the use and benefit of the members
  • the promotion of the physical, civic and social welfare of the residents of The Moorings
  • the preservation of the beauty of The Moorings and the encouragement in the physical improvement of the quality of the maintenance of properties within The Moorings
  • participation in activities designed to improve and maintain the conservation and ecology of The Moorings
  • the promotion of the safety and ecology of the waterway and bays adjacent to The Moorings


The affairs of the association are guided by a Board of Governors who serve voluntarily for a term of 3 years.  The Board meets monthly from October to May, and meetings are open to members of the association.

The MPOA is a 501-c4 organization. We are grateful for donations made to the MPOA which the Board uses for the benefit of our Park and our members, however donations made to 501-c4 organizations are not tax deductible.