Please read the message below from Bill Moss, Naples City Manager.This message was created on September 5, 2017 at 5:55 pm.

 Ladies and Gentlemen:
The purpose of this message is to advise residents and business to prepare for Hurricane Irma.  As of this date, Hurricane Irma is a significant Category 5 storm with winds of 157 m.p.h. or greater.  Models used by the National Hurricane Center to predict the paths of hurricanes show that Hurricane Irma will pass over or very close to Naples.  Unless there is a change in its path, we should expect a severe weather event this weekend and be prepared.  Review of the attached Disaster Preparedness Kit may be helpful.  Another source of information can be obtained from Collier County Emergency Management.  The link to access the Collier County All Hazards Guide is:
We expect the Naples City Council to declare a state of emergency on Wednesday, September 6th.  We also believe the Collier County Emergency Operations will call for an evacuation of low-lying areas, as a minimum, and likely an evacuation of Naples and Collier County.  Collier County schools will be closed Thursday and Friday.
It is recommended that everyone plan to evacuate to inland areas and to the north.  The hurricane models show the path along the west coast of Florida near Naples or along the east coast of Florida.  Regardless of the path, the storm is 400 miles wide, so the hurricane's impact on Naples appears certain at this time.  Those who intend to remain in Naples should seek shelter in a well-constructed building, preferable on the second or third floor, in an interior room.  We suggest that Naples residents do not seek public shelters if other options are available. Public shelters should be available to those who have no other options and are willing to endure conditions in a group environment.  Those who plan to evacuate should leave Wednesday.  Remember, traffic on the interstate will be a challenge as many areas in Florida will be evacuating at the same time. 
We caution that loss of electrical power is likely, and restoration may take days, or even weeks.  Loss of water and sewer service, cable television service, and cellular and land-line phone service is possible.  Stores, including groceries and gas stations, may be closed.  Because of evacuations, most or all restaurants will be closed. Streets may be impassable because of toppled trees and other debris.  Flat tires are a greater risk because of road debris.  Intensive rain may flood roads and low-lying properties.  Storm surge and extensive property damage should be anticipated.
Those who decide to remain in Naples should be prepared for uncomfortable conditions with few or no amenities.  Therefore, having a sufficient supply of non-perishable food and water, and prescription medications is essential.  Vehicle fuel tanks should be filled now rather than later this week.  Please remember that high winds and flying debris may cause injury and damage structures and vehicles.  Storm surge is a serious threat. Predicted storm surge for Naples is 8 feet to 12 feet.  Emergency assistance from Police, Fire-Rescue, and EMS may be delayed because of severe conditions.  Emergency service response will be suspended when wind speeds reach around 45 m.p.h. because of dangers associated with flying debris.
Please do not call the City of Naples Police or other city telephone numbers to inquire when electrical, service will be restored.  The City is not the electrical provider and has no control over the provider, Florida Power and Light.  Also, the City of Naples has not control over cable television, cell phone service, or land-line telephone service.  You may call FPL and other services directly at the numbers listed at the end of this message. 
Please do not call 9-1-1 unless you have an emergency related to health and safety.  The Naples Communication Center may be busy with emergency calls, and the lines should remain open to receive and respond to these calls.  Non-emergency telephone numbers that may be useful are listed at the end of this message.  For updates, please view local news media or visit the City's web site  A dedicated telephone number at City Hall has been set up to respond to general questions.  The number is 239-213-IRMA (4762).  City staff will answer calls between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. until further notice.
Solid waste collection for residential properties will continue through this Friday.  Commercial collection should continue through Saturday, weather permitting.  Collection schedules for next week will be determined after the storm passes.
If there is a call for evacuation Mayor Barnett will activate CodeRED telephonic communications to inform citizens and businesses. When the storm passes and conditions are safe, Mayor Barnett will again activate the CodeRED telephonic communications to advise that citizens they may return to Naples.
All City employees are preparing for this hurricane event and are ready to immediately respond to post-disaster recovery efforts.  Normal city business, including recreation activities, may be suspended so that all efforts are focused on recovery.
Your City has one of the most effective means of communicating emergency messages.  The system is called CodeRED. The system allows time-sensitive emergency telephonic communications through a robust dialing infrastructure.  An emergency message, typically 60 seconds or less, can be sent to thousands of people in a few minutes.  Messages will be sent when evacuations are recommended, when citizens may return to the city following a hurricane event, or when there is a need to inform citizens of other emergency situations.
CodeRED will only benefit you if the system has your contact information.  To reach you, CodeRED must have your telephone numbers.  While CodeRED's existing database of phone numbers should include all land-line based residential phone numbers, the database may not include mobile, business, internet protocol (IP) and "seasonal" phone numbers unless previously registered by you on the City's website.  These additional numbers are important, especially if you are not always at your Naples home or business, and when you evacuate the area during a hurricane event and must rely on your mobile phone for communication.
We recommend that all City of Naples citizens and businesses register their land-line, mobile, IP, and business phone numbers through the City's web site by clicking this link:  You will be able to register any phone number that may be required to reach you and members of your family.  If you have previously registered your phone numbers, there is no need to register again.
For those who may require assistance or who may not have internet access, please contact Stephanie Bleau at239-213-1000 or by email  
We recommend that citizens stay tuned to local news media.
Please share this information with homeowner association members, business associates, and friends.
Thank you,
Bill Moss
City Manager
City of Naples
Emergency 911
General Hurricane Questions (239-213-IRMA [4762]
City Hall (239) 213-1000
City Manager (239) 213-1030
Building (239) 213-5020
Community Services (239) 213-7120
Fire-Rescue (239) 213-4900
Solid Waste (239) 213-4700
Streets and Stormwater (239) 213-5000
Utilities (239) 213-4745
Waterfront Operations (239) 213-5030
Power outages - FPL: 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243)
TV and Internet Service Interruptions - Comcast: 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278)
Thank You Everyone For a Great 2016-2017 Season!
Have a Terrific Summer!

The 2017 Annual Meeting and Picnic provided a tropical mood for all in attendance. The steel drum and vocals of Paige Reddick entertained the MPOA membership enhancing a wonderful evening of music, food and a signature sunset as we celebrated another successful season in the Moorings. Special thanks to Doug Stewart, MPOA Social Chair, a delicious dinner by St.Matthews House Catering, and the many volunteers who worked together to make the event a success.

At the annual meeting portion of the evening, the membership approved the nomination of Cliff Holland to the Board. Welcome aboard Cliff!

New Naples Fire Chief Introduced to MPOA

Pete DiMaria, the new Acting Fire Chief for the City of Naples Fire Department was introduced and invited to speak at the May MPOA Board meeting. Pete is a 26-year veteran of the department and a City of Naples resident.  Pete explained that his priorities for the department are to deliver superior service and to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and accountability through transparency.  He also plans to initiate community outreach initiatives such as CPR, First Aid, and Fire Extinguisher training. He composed an open letter to the MPOA communicating the department's recent activities and priorities. This letter may be read by clicking on the link below.
Annual Membership Meeting and Picnic 2016 Capped by Spectacular Sunset!
Please see below for a slide show of attendees at our terrific event!
New MPOA Board Members Approved at 2016 Annual Meeting
The nominating committee forwarded two candidates for the MPOA
Board and the membership voted to approve them at the recent Annual Meeting and Picnic on March 20, 2016. Welcome Steve and Collene to the MPOA Board of Governors!

Steve Spahr
Steve is a Vice President and Assistant Regional Manager at Janey Montgomery Scott LLC. He has been in the financial industry for over 30 years and has volunteered in several local community service organizations. Steve is a graduate of Rollins College.

Collene VanNoord
Collene is a retired Superintendent of Schools for the Palmyra, PA Area School District. Her background in education spanned 40 years. She holds a Doctorate in Education Leadership from Widener University, a Masters Degree from Michigan State University, and a Bachelors Degree from Calvin College.

Ice Cream Social--Strumming on a Sunday Afternoon
Toe-Tapping and Tasty!

We had a full turnout at the annual MPOA Ice Cream Social!

A banner day provided the backdrop for an awesome event at the beach.

The music and atmosphere were amazing and everyone agrees...

we are lucky to live in paradise!