Welcome to a New Season at the Beach Park!

  • The Park is open to MPOA Members during regular Beach Park hours: 10 am - sunset.
  • All visitors must adhere to Beach Park rules. 
    • The Chickee Hut is available for reservations. NOTE: Chickee Hut reservation procedure and fees have changed for 2022. Please use the forms attached in the Chickee Hut reservation section of this website.
    • The beach is under the jurisdiction of the City of Naples. Beach restrictions will be enforced by the City of Naples Beach Patrol.
    2022 Membership Materials and Information


    There are two different membership forms. The Regular Resident Membership form is to be used only by those who reside in their Moorings property and do not rent it out to others. The Non-Resident/Rental Membership form is to be used by owners who make their property available to others, usually by renting out their property annually or short-term. If you are unsure about which form to use, click on the Membership tab and find the Q&A document where more specific information may be found.

    Membership forms are available on this website and at the Beach Park.

    Please use the appropriate form. Complete it and send it in with your check to:
    P.O. Box 8961
    Naples, FL 34101

    Reminder: MPOA Membership, decals, and passes (i.e. Short-term and Annual Rental passes) run on a calendar year (January - December) basis.

    Auto decals must be picked up at the park by the Moorings property owner no sooner than 10 days after the application and check are mailed. Property owner must drive their car, and bring their auto registration and their photo ID. The Beach Attendant on duty will affix the decal to your windshield. Decals are never mailed to members.

    Beach Park Photo Gallery - Courtesy of Photographer Mitch Fogelman
    We invite you to enjoy the photo gallery below. These remarkable photos were taken by our Moorings neighbor and MPOA member Mitch Fogelman who has graciously offered to share them with us here on our website. Thank you Mitch for your artistry and your appreciation of our beautiful Moorings Beach Park!
    Photos of our members enjoying a quiet evening at the Beach Park.
    What a beautiful day for the 2020 Ice Cream Social!
    Thanks to everyone who made it a tremendous success!

    Beach Park Mobility Ramp Project is COMPLETE!

    For many years, our members suggested that we consider building a ramp so that those who are mobility-challenged could more easily take in views of the beach and shoreline. We consulted with experts and considered design and material alternatives to fulfill this need and we are pleased to announce that the project now complete!

    This project was incremental to our usual operating budget and we are gratefully accepting donations to help pay for the expenses associated with this important initiative.  There was no assessment to our members, rather we are asking that people who are motivated to support this project donate to the MPOA with  "MPOA Mobility Challenge" written in the memo line. We thank you in advance for your interest and generosity.  If any member wishes to underwrite all or a very substantial portion of the cost, we would consider giving naming writes to the shelter.  Thank you in advance for your interest!
    Blair Foundation Tree Challenge Continues!
    Help Plant Trees in the Moorings!
    Moorings residents have a wonderful and unique opportunity to repopulate our neighborhood with trees following last year's hurricane Irma thanks to the Blair Foundation. Concerned with the amount of damage Hurricane Irma inflicted upon the City's stately trees, the Blair Foundation's trustees donated $500,000 as a match for community (individuals or organizations) donations dedicated to planting trees in the city.

    The MPOA has seized on this opportunity to plant trees in The Moorings, specifically. The MPOA will match dollars donated by residents and earmarked for The Moorings dollar-for-dollar up to $20,000. These dollars will in turn be matched by the Blair Foundation, therefore quadrupling the impact of every resident dollar donated. Money raised beyond the stated MPOA match will still be doubled by the Blair Foundation up to their $500,000 match.

    You may obtain a Moorings-specific Blair Foundation Tree Challenge donation form below or at the Moorings Beach Park. Important note: Make your check payable to the City of Naples (for eligible tax-deduction), put THE MOORINGS in the memo line, and either drop it off at the Beach Park or mail it to MPOA, P.O. Box 8961, Naples FL 34101 to ensure that the dollars are eligible for maximum match potential and are earmarked for trees in The Moorings.